Why Platform Bed Frames May Be Great For Your Family

Platform bed frames offer a unique advantage over beds like day beds or wall beds. This sub category of furniture has found
a unique niche in bedroom furniture and looks like its here to stay. In this
article we’ll talk a little bit about platform beds and what they have to
offer your family.
Platform bed models make use of just a mattress and no box spring. The reason
for this is that these beds have a built in foundation so a box spring
foundation is not required. This does a couple of things from a design standpoint.
First, the look is cleaner in terms of overall form. There is more space
beneath the bed which frees up storage possibilities or creates room to
incorporate under bed storage units. This isn’t really possible with beds
designed for a mattress/box spring.
Second, more design elements can come into play since the only piece of bedding
is a mattress. Designs can be wide wider or taller without having to consider
that a box spring unit is being placed below the mattress. Edges of the frames
can be designed closer to the mattress and a recess can also be created that
makes it appear like mattresses are floating.
Third, the platform bed itself can now accommodate other design aspects which
include options to modify the look and design of the bed. These might include
changing the height of the bed or the height of the headboard in relation to
the mattress. There might also be other modifications possible such as changing
the height of the platform bed to accommodate a box spring unit if you so
Platform beds have a lot to offer in the way of bedroom design. Their lower
profile designs allow you to show more of your bedroom and make it easier to
create the look you want. The additional storage available with platform bed
frames also make them a great choice for any bedroom. Remember too that many
platform bed frames incorporate design elements that will blend well with any
modern décor. Keep platform bed frames in mind when you’re ready to find a new
bed. They won’t disappoint.

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