Warming-up Training is vital

When you prefer running after you have worn the clothes planned. Please stop running. Your physical has not prepared for run, even though your mental has done it. It is not proper to exercise without any warming-up exercise before. It is the functions of warming-up exercise and you should do it before running.Someone think warming-up exercise is useless. People hold adverse ideas hardly in all aspects of sports when they have known it a lot. Science and Sports was written by Vaughan Thomas who thought that warming-up exercise was a magic thing. It means that warming-up exercise worked, but it worked a little. Warming-up exercise can improve physical functions leading to success in match. Nevertheless, it also could bring about failure due to consume physical power. The words are right said by him. We could never ignore the importance of warming-up exercise.

Warming-up exercise could promote blood circulation, improve body temperature and enhance muscle contraction, which was said by heart disease expert Dr. Paul. It is vital to enhance the blood circulation of coronary artery to adult and senior citizen. The article of Paul published in American journal of physical therapy showed that you could have myocardial ischemia unless preparing for warming-up exercise well in advance. Paul idea was supported by Dr. James Barnard of University of California, medical school, Los Angeles. 44 healthy men ran in rapid rotating machine that all did not do warming-up exercise in advance, and there were two-thirds of people showed abnormal electrocardiogram phenomenon. In contrast, almost all people’ phenomenon disappeared after two minutes warming-up exercise. Improving agile warming-up exercise. Running is better than stroll, golf and grounder. However, it is worse than swimming, handball and tennis a lot in enhancing flexibility. People’ muscle is often tight, which is tighter in shank. The extent of muscle movement is small. Then running does the same act. It is likely to strengthen the scope of muscle movement by various runs, such as, run, jogging and uphill, downhill.

In addition, you still need agile exercise.Not only for that, have warm-up exercises also helped you performance best quality. We usually want to become better by running, not meet other accidents when run. As for many runners, the Nike Free Run can meet your demand.The Nike running shoes are more professional for lightweight running, especially for the summer cool. It is breathable and dry for sweat foot. The Nike Free Run 2.0 running shoe features a breathable mesh, multi-layer upper that offers a lightweight, second-skin-like fit. Deep Nike Free sipes deliver flexibility for a barefoot-like ride. The carbon rubber heel and environmentally preferred rubber give durability where needed.

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