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Rent-to-Own at 3 Times the Cost

If you had the opportunity to purchase a tv or a couch at a price that was three times the recommended market price, would you do it? That circumstance might appear ludicrous, however countless individuals do just that every day when they sign an arrangement at a rent-to-own store. Rent-to-own, or RTO for short, is a system that enables customers with little or no credit to obtain furnishings, electronics or appliances by leasing them by the week or by the month. At the end of the rental agreement, the occupant gets to keep the product. The tenant may likewise agree simply to rent the merchandise for an agreed-upon time period.

While furnishings or appliance leasing may appropriate for somebody who requires them for just a month or so, it represents a costly way to buy for someone who plans to keep them. A tv may seem affordable at only $10 each week, however if the contract requires eighteen months of rental prior to the customer owns it, the overall amount paid will be $780. That would be fine if the television were valued at anywhere near that amount, however most of the times, that $780 will provide a television that costs just $250 or so at electronics stores. The additional $530 goes to the rental business in the kind of profit. Revealed as a yearly interest rate, some rental charges can surpass 400% annually.

In addition to the rental charges, the customer will likewise likely need to pay sales tax, delivery charges and possibly return charges if she or he elects not to keep the merchandise. Late payments might also incur a late fee, provided that the rental company does not choose to terminate the arrangement and take the merchandise back completely. Because case, the consumer has absolutely nothing to reveal for the cash invested.

Rental companies mention that for those who have no credit cards, the RTO concept supplies a chance to “have it now.” That holds true, but customers who have little money would be much better off either saving that $10 each week and buying the tv in 6 months’ time. Alternatively, the customer could put the tv on layaway at a retailer and pay it off gradually. In any case, the consumer would save numerous dollars in rental charges.

A consumer who needs furniture or home appliances for a short time, such as somebody on a short-lived project to another city, may discover an RTO agreement beneficial in order to avoid living in an empty house. But anybody who desires to buy furniture, electronics, or devices might be much better served by merely conserving their cash until they have enough to purchase the product outright.

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