Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – It’s Easier Than You Think

With all the talk today about global warming, pollution and going green, most people are becoming overwhelmed with the vast amount of information out there about how to reduce what is known as your “carbon footprint.” Well, it’s not as complicated as one might think. First, let’s start by defining just exactly what a carbon footprint is.

A carbon footprint is a calculated figure that is determined by various factors in which one might be impacting the environment. Factors include how often you drive an automobile, what you do for a living and how your home is heated. When individuals take proactive steps to reduce their carbon footprints, the effects are collectively felt. Here are some simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint!

First, look around you, right now. Are there appliances on that you aren’t specifically using, for example, the television buzzing in the background? Turn these appliances off. You won’t miss anything, and you’ll even save a few cents here and there on your electric bill.

No matter where you are in the world, there’s a good chance you have either your heat or central air running. If it’s the air conditioning, turn up the temperature a degree or two. If it’s the heat, turn it down a few degrees. If your systems have timers, use them because unless you’re at home, it’s not necessary to heat or cool your home as much.

Water, water everywhere… so the old verse goes. Unless we conserve water, however, we’re going to feel just as helpless as that author caught at sea with no water to drink. So wait until your washer and dryer are full to run them, and only fill water glasses with as much as you are going to drink. Turn the water off when you’re brushing your teeth. Take shorter showers, and stop flushing tissues; use the waste basket instead of the water it takes to flush the toilet for no reason.

We all know that smog is unsightly and unhealthy, but smog is just a visible representation of the much deeper damage caused by CO2 emissions. So try to do a weekly trip to the grocery store instead of many short trips. If you’re in the market for a new car, consider a hybrid model. Take public transportation when you can, or try to cycle and walk if you’re going a short distance. The benefits of this will help you as well as the environment.

Another way is to register a website with a .eco extension when it comes available. The concept behind the establishment of this new dot eco top level domain is that Dot Eco LLC will donate over 50% of domain registration proceeds back to fund scientific initiatives and research in climate change, ocean analysis, economic policy, and other environmentally-related areas. AlsoHealth Fitness Articles, remember to host your website with a green hosting company.

These are all small steps you can take immediately to reduce your carbon footprint. Make these small changes in your daily lives and you too will officially be green.

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