Reasons For Nocturnal Emissions – Erotic Dreams And Physical Stimulation

Nocturnal emission is a health condition characterized by ejaculation of semen during sleep. Night emission or nightfall occurs usually during teenage and early adult years. It is also well known as night discharge, wet dream or orgasm during sleep. Normal semen release during sleeping hours is quite natural and will not do any harm to person. If there is frequent nightfall problem, then it should be immediately consulted with your health practitioner. Reasons leading to the formation of night emissions can be either physical or emotional. Both of the reasons play equally important roles in causing nightfall troubles. It can be described as a natural way to release sexual tension. Exceeding the sperm collection beyond maximum limit is one among the main reasons contributing for night emissions. It is because a man needs to ejaculate from time to time even when he is not sexually active. As per studies, it is found that person ejaculating more during usual sex will experience less rate of nocturnal emission in his sleep.

Nocturnal emission occurring during sleeping hours can be caused with or without erection. Teens may experience as little as two erections or up to six erection each night. Dream occurring during rapid eye movement of sleep is an important reason for nocturnal emissions. Time interval of erotic dreams also varies from person to person. It may range from a few seconds time period up to hours. Physical stimulation of genital organs by soft blankets or pillows is a common reason reported for the occurrence of nightfall. External stimulation of blankets together with erotic dreams leads way to night emissions in sleep. Patients with chronic nightfall or night emission are advised to avoid reading books related with sexual content. It reduces the occurrence of erotic dreams during sleep and prevents nocturnal emission. Wearing tight clothes during sleep is a main reason behind the formation of night emissions. It may rub your skin and cause irritation. Tight clothes act as an external stimulation for genital organ and increase the risk of nocturnal emission. It may push up the genitals against the body and can cause pain. Damaging the cells of testicles and infertility are other disadvantages of using tight clothes while sleeping. Staying in touch with sexual thought is a common reported reason for nocturnal emissions.

Several factors play key roles in the formation of nightfall due to sexual thoughts. Viewing sex related pictures and reading magazines with adult contents are some among the main factors contributing for the formation of sexual thoughts. People suffering from frequent nocturnal emission are advised to stay away from sexual thoughts and activities. Practicing meditation and deep breathing exercises of yoga are effective natural techniques to stay away from bad thoughts. It helps in controlling your body and mind with no adverse actions. Sleeping with full bladder is another reason contributing for night emission problems. This usually arise the condition of night emission with erection. In order to prevent this condition, patients suffering from nocturnal emission are advised to urinate before going to bed.

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