Yahboom 4WD Wireless WIFI Video Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ Support Programming/bluetooth 4.0+Wifi/Remote Control with 2DOF Camera Pan/Tilt

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Note:– There is not included battery in the package list.- It needs work with raspberry pi and memory card. You can click this item –    to refer or buy it.Features:

1. The raspberry pi smart car set learning, entertainment, programming, DIY in one.
2. 4WD smart car adopts a free welding installation, a screwdriver can complete the assembly of the whole vehicle and brings a better sense of user experience.
3. 2DOF camera pan/tilt, Flexibly control the rotation of camera clouds up and down via mobile or mouse. It can also support 5G & wifi network
4. Real-time transmission of high definition video: HD camera, 480P resolution, manual adjustment of focal length, support the output of two formats: MJPEG, YUYV(default).
5. 4WD smart robot shield also support four popular controllers; Arduino-UNO, Raspberry PI, STM32, 51mcu. 
6. Can support 2018 latest Raspberry Pi 3B+, better performance, smoother picture
7. Support programming language and Python. Support bluetooth 4.0 + wifi dual communication.
8. Provide download links about the product for reference.
9. Equipped with Raspberry Pi board, can be connected directly to the wifi hotspot
10. Powerful hardware configuration, four pcs DC motor, aluminum chassis, metal motor mount and  BST-4WD expansion board, etc.The data download link for you reference, please click:*  bluetooth remote control APK:  * Yabo intelligent host computer v2.0 installation package.rar:    Instructions for use:    1. Connect to the Raspberry Pi wifi hotspot using your computer: Yahboom_Car The initial password is: 12345678

    2. Remote login to the Raspberry Pi system, the Raspberry Pi is enabled by default to be a bluetooth control process. You need to close the bluetooth process, open the TCP_Control process, and then open the host computer to select the 4WD Raspberry Pi.
   3. Raspberry pie address is written:
   4.Raspberry Pi Control Service IP: Port: 8888, select [Connect Video] and [Connection Control]* The official download link can get more information (It’s so sorry that only Chinese is available) : Click  


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