Ultrasonic Ranging Car Smart Car Kit For Arduino

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Ultrasonic Ranging Car Smart Car Kit For ArduinoFeature:This is a ultrasound-based third-generation smart car, this smart car is a two-generation ultrasound upgraded version, where there is a major upgrade:1. Changed the car chassis, aside speed function.2. Updates the main control panel, using a new generation of UNO controller, more stable performance.3. Motor fixed, the optimization of the clip fixing, greater stability.4. Car chassis installation provides installation diagram.Remote Ultrasonic Ranging smart car features:1. Modular hardware approach, easy to understand and learn.2. Using ARDUINO programming practices, procedures is easy to understand, not very professional knowledge, can read the original code, it can be modified to make the different functions of the smart car.3. Can achieve remote control, obstacle avoidance, distance measurement, display, plus a drive motor and steering functions.4. Smart car platform is a very simple thing, but we can through an external sensor, or functional modules, turning it into a different smart car, such as fire-fighting robots, rescue smart car, WIFI wireless robots, and so on.Parameters:1. Motor voltage range: 1.5-12V, the motor shaft length : 10mm, speed 6.0V 100 rpm / min.2. Control motor is L298N driver module, microcontroller real isolation .3. Avoidance part is HC-SR04 ultrasonic , stable performance, measure the distance accurately.4. Display section 1602 I2C modules, only use two IO ports.5. Remote control uses infrared remote control mode, NEC protocol.6. Can access the external voltage 7 ~ 12V. And can be equipped with a variety of sensor modules to achieve a variety of functions, depending on your imagination.Package included:1 x Arduino UNO red board1 x I2C LCD1602 LCD1 x 9g blue servo1 x PTZ1 x Ultrasonic ranging module1 x Infrared remote control receiver1 x Mini infrared remote control1 x Motor driving module2 x Geared motor2 x 18650 battery1 x 18650 battery case1 x USB cable30 x Dupont cable3 x Pillars(3*40mm)16 x Pillars(3*10mm)1 x Wheels36 x Screws (3*6mm)10 x Screw nut (3mm)6 x Screw (3*10mm)4 x Motor fixing plate4 x Motor mounting screws2 x Wheel

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