TS600 4WD Shock Absorber Aluminum Alloy Frame 9V Motor Tank Chassis Car Kit for Arduino Robot

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Features:Strong load capacity, High obstacle avoidanceIt needs u to DIY by yourself. Let’s create your smart tank car!With 9V motor with Hall sensor, more powerful.Specifications:

– Product Name: TS600 Shock Absorber Tank Car- Color: Silver
– Car Body: Aluminum alloy– Surface Treatment: Sandblasting Oxidation
– Wheel: Aluminum alloy
– Tracks: Engineeing plastic
– Size: 540* 280 *90mm (length * width * height)
– Working Voltage: 6~12V
– Working Carrying Capaticy: 6 KG– Motor: 9V motor with Hall sensor

About 9V motor parameters: 
– Output speed: 150±10%rpm
– No_load Current: 200mA (Max)
– Stall current: 4500mA(max)
– Stall torque: 9.5kgNaN
– Rated speed: 100±10%rpm
– Rated torque: 3000gNaN
– Rated Current: 1200mA (Max)
– Noise: 56dB
– Working voltage: 9V
– Outside Shaft Length: 14.5mm
– Shaft End Play: 0.05-0.50mm
– Screw Size: M3.0
– Dia. Of Shaft phi4mm, D3.5

Package Included:1 x TS600 Shock Absorber Tank Car Kit


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