Super Arc 1000KV High Voltage Generator High Voltage Inverter Transformer Pulse High Voltage Module

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Description:The high voltage module uses for Tesla coil principle produced,it output high voltage pulse high voltage current,small volume, high efficiency, simple peripheral circuit(simply connect the switch, the battery can be)The intensity of discharge violently. Specification:Input voltage: DC3.7-7.4VInput current: 2A-5A (related to voltage)Size: 88*26mmHigh voltage pulse type: high and low pressure integralOutput voltage: about 800-1000K volts (please note security when using it )High voltage bipolar discharging distance: 10-20mmThe output high voltage line length: About 100mmThe input power line length: About 100mm (red for positive)About power supply: can use lithium battery 3.7V two series,such as 18650 battery, mobile phone battery idle(to remove the protection board, proposed capacity in 2000mAh above)or NiCd / NiMH batteries, 4V or 6V lead-acid battery etc.This module is the science of small production use high voltage inverter transformer /booster  finished product module,input DC4.8-7.2V voltage at theoutput end get 500000 volts of DC high voltage (arc about 1-2 cm),can be used as a high school science laboratory,electronic instrument, negative ion generator, science  making use of high voltage source. Notice:This item cann’t Short circuit,cann’t exceed 2cm Arc(1-1.5cm is normal).            Can’t work for long time ,can only work Intermittently.Improper operation can make the item broken very easy. Package Included:1 x High voltage generator

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