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SunFounder Sloth: bit Humanoid Robotics APP Programming Robot Learning Kit with Micro:bit Development Board Support Obstacle Avoidance

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● Sloth:bit is a programmable biped robot powered by microbit. 
● With the Visual programming from microbit APP, sloth:bit can be very easy to program and play. 
● Visual programming can be applied on pad or cellphone; also, when downloading process, it can be complete by bluetooth without cables.
● Different type of sensors are equipped with sloth:bit robot. The microbit board is attached with acceleration, terrestrial magnetism and temperature sensor, infrared obstacle avoidance and voice sensor are also attached inside.
● Sloth:bit robot also have reserved several extensibility interfaces. Users can DIY hardware if needed and it is convenient for modifying and extending functions.

 The manual about product needs you to download by yourself. Please click here: Features:  

1. Microbit – microbit micro-controller with motion-detection, compass, LED display and bluetooth.
2. APP Programming – Visual programming can be completed by microbit APP on tablet or cellphone
3. Obstacle Avoidance – Automatically bypass obstacles ahead, it is intelligent enough.
4. Sound Sensor – Controlled the sloth:bit by clapping your hands or sounds from other actions.
5. Funny Play – Sloth:bit can be very easy to program and play with the microbit.

Note: Running current (at no load) definition is average value when the servo running with no-load.
Operating speed (at 4.8V unloaded) 0.12 Sec/60 °
Running current (at 4.8V unloaded) 140mA
Stall torque (at locked 4.8V) 2.0kg cm
Stall flow (at locked 4.8V) 520mA
Quiescent current (at stopped 4.8V) 5mA
Operational speed (at 6.0V unloaded) 0.09 Sec/60 °
Running current (at 6.0V unloaded) 200mA
Stall torque (at locked 6.0V) 2.5kg cm
Stall flow (at locked 6.0V) 700mA
Quiescent current (at stopped 6.0V) 5mA
About the 9g servo parameter
Operating Voltage  4.8 V ~ 6.0 V
Temperature -55 to + 75
Connector wire length 190 ± 5mm
Package Included:

1 x microbit development board 
1 x sloth:bit Driver Module
4 x 9g Servos
1 Set x Acrylic Plates
10 x M1.2×4 Self-tapping Screws
10 x M2*8 Screws
6 x M3*10 Screws
6 x M3*8 Screws
6 x M3*6 Screws
10 x M2 Nuts
14 x M3 Nuts
6 x M3*6+6 Copper Standoffs
3 x φ3*φ8*4 Band Edge Bearings 
4 x M3*6 Corn Rivets
8 x Nylon Ties
1 x Cross Screwdriver
1 x M2/M3 Small Wrench
1 x USB Cable
4 x EVA foam pads

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