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STARK-5 Solar Mendocino Motor Magnetic Levitation Engine Educational Model No Propeller

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Description:Item No.: STARK-5Speed:1000 RPM Size: 175X85X90 mm 

Why could rotate?
On the basis of the already suspended, we still need three things to work 
4 solar cells 2 set of enameled wire 1 piece of rubidium iron boron strong magnetic 
4 pieces of solar battery the shape of a cuboid, solar cells, and face to face is the positive answer in another negative, on two solar cells after this treatment, you can put the two solar cell as the one which has the function of automatic reverse solar cells. 
Will this group which has the function of automatic reverse solar cell receives a coil, when running, do positive work of the solar cell is always in the position of the light is enough, the current is large, negative work always in the dark side, an electrical current is very small, so the rotor can be run continuously in one direction. 
Obviously, this solar model is highly related to sunlight. The solar panels which equipped on the model convert sunlight to power and drive the model run freely. According to sunlight characteristic, the power from the sunlight is always changing because of sun angle and intensity of the sun’s rays. You can’t expect this solar model rotor run in a constant speed smooth. It’s not an electrified product which can set constant speed, and no rotor shake.
In the powerful noon time, the model rotor will run freely, speedily, and stably. Oppositely, it performs a little bad in the morning or late afternoon, because of no enough power from the sun. It may act out no stable, a little shake, run slowly. It may even drop from the shelf board too. This is a normal phenomenon instead of product “defective”, it’s decided by sunlightPackage Included:1 X Magnetic Levitation Engine 

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