Soshine M20-LCD Universal Intelligent LCD Display Li-Ion battery 3.7V/7.4V Polarity Battery Charger


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LCD displays for voltage,time,charging percentage,charging capacity,worse battery and bad battery.
Automatic 3.7V 7.4V detection
Auto active function for lithium battery pack open (0 voltage)
Battery type: 3.7V / 7.4V rechargeable Li-ion
Input:12VDC 1A
Output:700mA(3.7V battery)1000mA(7.4V battery)
Input:USB 5VDC 1A
Output:700mA(3.7V battery)400mA(7.4V battery)
Charger mode:constant surrent first then constant voltage
Cut-off current:60mA for 5V input,100mA for 12V input
Never upside down the positive and negative.
Never connect the positive and negative of battery with metal.
Never ship or store the battery together with metal such as hairpin, necklace etc.
Never knock, throw or trample the battery.
Never throw the battery into water or fire; keep it under dry, shady and cool circumstance when not use. The proposed temperature for long-term storage is 10 45℃.
Never use the battery under strong static and strong magnetic field, otherwise it will destroy the protecting device.
If battery emit peculiar smell, heating, distortion or appear any unconventionality during using, storage or charging process, please take it out from device or charge and stop using.
If battery leaked, the electrolyte get into eyes, please do not knead, wash eyes by water and send to hospital.
Never cut through the battery with nail or other edge tool; scrap battery should be returned to the supplier and handled by the recycle station.
Package Included: 
1 x Soshine M20-LCD Battery Charger( Not including battery )
1 x USB Cable
1 x Power Adapter

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