Solar Energy Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Electrica Tig Grinding Mask

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Full range UV/IR protection.
Solar powered auto-darkening filter helmet.
Darkness shade control.
Charges with exposure to welding or sunlight.
Full face coverage.
Power supply: Lithium battery/solar powered
Light shade: DIN4
Dark Shade: DIN9-13
Way to shift dark state: Outer Control, Stepless shift
Switching time: 1/25000s
Delay time: 0.1~0.8s
Sensitivity adjustment: Stepless control
Delay adjustment: Stepless control
Operation temperature: -5 degrees ~ 55 degrees
Active viewing area: 93mm x 43mm
Cartridge size: 100mm x 90mm
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1 x Solar Auto Darkening Welding HelmetDetail Pictures:

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