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Solar Charger for any Gadget

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Solar Charger for any Gadget you may have if it can charge via USB port this backup charger will charge that gadgets from Phone, tablets, camera music players and more. The Solar charger works in a very simple way just expose to sunlight or expose near any indoor light and it will start converting light energy to power with a special built in circuit that balances incoming and outgoing power simultaneously. So you can charge your device while the charger is replenishing its power. It stores the power temporarily in the battery storage tank and makes it available to use instantly.You can even use the built in battery as a normal charger and recharge it via AC outlet.This thin power packed Solar Charger has a Li- Polymer thin cells which makes it easy and lightweight to handle. It has a single USB port and the power indicator which tells you how many bars of power left in the charger. You also get a cable accessories to fit multiple gadgets and to recharge the charger via AC outlet if needed with a USB wall adapter.SPECS:1. 5200 mAh Battery backup 2. 5v input 1000 mAh3. Metal body with Solar Cells 4 in x 2.5 in4. Micro USB port for charging 5. USB port for output to charge gadgets.6. LED power bar indicator.7. It will charge all versions of the iPhone 150%, iPad 75%, Samsung Phones 100%,Tablets 80% 8. 1 year ltd. warranty on the charger.* Actual charging capacity will be determined by how old your device is these above indicators are based on 1 year or less older devices that have fresh charging capability.

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