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SM-10P 10W 12V Poly A-Class Solar Panel Battery Charger Crocodile Clips for w/ Car Charger

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Model: SM-10P
Pmax: 10W
Max peak voltage: 18V
Peak current: 0.56A
Open circuit voltage: 21.06V
Short circuit current: 0.59A
Material: PolyCrystalline
Weight: 1024g
Dimensions: 340x250x17mm
-Polycrystalline Cells Solar Panel
-Anodized alloy aluminum frame, solid and durable
-Provided with crocodile clips
-Suitable for a variety of DC power appliances, emergency lights, advertising lights, traffic lights, home lights, electric fans, solar water pumps, etc..
Package included:
1 x Polycrystalline Solar Panel
1 x Crocodile Clips
1 x Car Charger

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