SA600 DC 5V Music Frequency Spectrum LED Display Module Controller With 2 Cable

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Description: Power Supply: DC5V (Mini USB connector).Audio interface: for audio input and output audio.Toggle switch: turn on or off the music spectrum.Button: Spectrum settings1. access to power, toggle switch, enter the boot screen, this display device is turned onautomatically after system boot screen 5s, spectrum display interface.2. the device has a power-down save function parameters, default parameters:     Mode 0,     Columnar spectral width 2     Gain 0.5     Foreground color GREEN    Background color BLACK3. the system spectrum display screen displayed, press the button, you can modify the spectralcolumn width (width in the range of 1-5), a short press the button, modify the spectral display modes (10 modes).4. Press the key to enter the parameter setting interface. You can modify the gain,foreground and background colors in turn three parameters in the parameter setting interface.After entering the setting interface, press the key to select the type of parameter modification,press the key to modify the parametersGain can be modified values are: 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4.Background and foreground colors can be modified species of the same color, a total of 14 kinds of color: “WHITE”, “BLACK”, “BLUE”, “BRED”, “GRED”, “GBLUE”,”RED”,”MAGENTA”,”GREEN”,”CYAN”,”YELLOW”,”BROWN”,”BRRED”,” GRAY”.The parameters can only be modified in turn, will press the key three times to return the spectrum screen. Modify the parameter values can be recycled.5. Each time you press Button the buzzer will sound 0.2s, suggesting a key is pressed.Package included: 1 x Frequency Spectrum LED Display Module1 x USB Cable1 x Audio Cable

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