PIR IR Infrared Human Induction Lamp Switch Light Control Ceiling Module Motion Sensor AC220V

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Specifications:Sensing Mode:PIR Sensing + Light ControlRated Voltage:220V 50HZOutput Way:Controllable SiliconLoad Power:Incandescent lamp ≤100W,Energy-saving lamp ≤30W, LED≤18WDelay:20s (People are moving within the sensing area, the switch will auto delay and keep connecting;if people stay still,switch will stop responsing)Sensing Distance:3-6M (High temperature will influence switch sensibility)Sensing Angle:110°Sensitivity To Light:DarknessFeatures:*Adaptive to filament, electricity saving lamp*This lamp is internal equipped with auto body sensor.If people come the lamp will power on;if people leave,the lamp will power off.*Inner body auto sensor adopts infrared heat releasing device,and it can accurately capture moving low frequency signal and automatically power on.*When people leave,the lamp will auto delay power off,convenient and energy saving.*Inner side of the lap is set up with auto ambient brightness detecting circuit.*Only when ambient brightness is lower than setting value,the sensor will receive sense and let the lamp power off.*And it is energy savingNotice:-When installing,please disconnect the power to guarantee safety-Don’t apply it to overpower current or voltage-Don’t install it accessible to water-Detection distance will change according to ambient temperature’s difference.In summer,detection distance is short(It is obvious when close to human body’s temperature);in winter, detection distance will be far-Don’t install it in lower than -20 Celsius or higher than 60 Celsius-Don’t expose it to sun-Don’t install it in which there are moving objects-The first time power on ,there will one minute initiation;during this period,the device will shine,it is normal phenomenon-In coastal zone,thermal flow will trigger the sensor because of ocean current.If installing filament lamp which emits great heat,please keep far away from the sensor(at least 1m)Package Included:1 X PIR Switch Sensor

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