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Original Hiland M644 Transistor Tester LCR Diode Transistor Zener Quartz Measurement Frequency Counter PWM Square Wave Generator Online ESR

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Description:This is a smart component tester that can test almost all commonly used electronic components. All tests are intelligently identified and display in an intuitive graphical manner with the circuit symbols, pinouts, and main parameters of the device. And there are commonly used instrument functions, is a veritable multimeter. This version of the master chip is upgraded to ATMEGA644, which adds the following new features:1. It can measure the working voltage of zener diode with stable voltage within 44V;2. The quartz measuring function, it is divided into low-frequency quartz oscillator and high-frequency quartz oscillator. It can test all commonly used quartzs (can accurately measure from 32.768KHZ to 20MHZ );3. External DC voltage test, can measure DC voltage within 50V;4. The program is upgraded, the test is more accurate and the accuracy is better. Original function: 1. Automatically identify and measure the main parameters of resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, light emitting diodes, triodes, field-effect transistors, IGBTs and SCRs (some high power devices may not be correctly identified), and automatically identify the pin function to display on the screen Graphically ;2. Online measurement of capacitance and ESR;3. Frequency meter;4. Signal generator. Product main features: One-button operation, rotary encoder can select the menu, easy to use;All test functions are brought to the test stand, and the test stand can be easily replaced;SMT precision processed products, and after calibration, ready to use. The following is a real shot test chart: External DC voltage test gear(<50V), press the button to generate test voltage (44.7V), test zener diode 18V (Note: press the button to generate test voltage is only suitable for measuring zener diode, when testing external DC voltage, Do not press the button, otherwise it may cause malfunction):Test 32.768KHZ crystal oscillator, 4MHZ crystal oscillator, 20MHZ crystal oscillator:Test 10 ohm high precision resistance, 100n precision capacitance, electrolytic capacitor 3300UF:Test 0.1MH inductors, diodes, low-power transistors:Test field-effect tube 2SK30A, MOS transistor 40N10, high power transistor 2SA1941:Other functions in the menu:Boot screen and battery voltage detection:After repeated used, the test stand is easily damaged and can be easily replaced:Package included:1 x Original Hiland M644 Transistor Tester

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