Organyc Cotton Feminine Day Pads – Folded with Wings – 10 Pack

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100% Organic Cotton Naturally Absorbent Prevents Skin Irritation 10 Pads Moderate Flow Healthy for You and the Environment 10 Menstrual PadsOrganyc is ideal for women who want to avid any contact with synthetic material s on the skin and feel fresh, safe and clean, while choosing a hypoallergenic product without any negative effect on the environment. Over 80% of women who react to contact with plastic and synthetic materials have reported that they prefer Cotton*. You will feel the benefits of cotton within the first month of use. Top sheet made of 100% certified organic cotton Safe and comfort wings Absorbent core made of 100% certified organic cotton, breathable Ultrathin and individually wrapped 100% Organic Cotton | Chlorine Free | Biodegradable
Length: 3.70 inch X Width: 2.91 inch X Length: 4.48 inch X
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