Loskii HG-AP1 Ultrasonic Solar Power Animal Repeller Infrared Sensor Cat Dog Snake Rat Repeller Gard

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Description :Solar powered animal repeller is effective and easy to use.Simply drive the stake into the ground in a location of your choice, and leave it to charge in the sun.The passive Infrared sensor (PIR) detects motion and triggers the ultrasonic speaker emitting a tone to chases away common outdoor pests like dogs, cats, foxes, deer, raccoons, mice, skunks, squirrels and more.This solar animal repeller is a safe and humane way to keep unwanted animals away!Specification :Brand : GreatHouse ChinaSize : approx. 369 x 145 x 95 mmPower supply : 4 x “AA” Nicd rechargeable batteriesPower consumption : standby = 0.8mAh, working = 15mAhUltrasonic frequency : 18-40KHzCoverage area : 30 feet, 110° = 2425 square feetFeature :Powered by an amorphous solar panel, conomical and environmentally friendlyPIR can detect motion within a 30ft (9.14m) radiusWithout cords or cables, simply put in place, and wait for it to chargeEffective in repelling various pests, such as cats, dogs, foxes, and rodentsDouble ultrasonic speakers, each unit covers 110 degree arc and 30ft ground areaNot harm people, animals and pets

Package Included :1 x Solar Animal Repeller 
Warm Note :

For best results, keep the repeller head roughly 9-10 inches above ground.Allow the Animal Repeller to operate continuously for best results.Do not immerse repeller in water.Do not cover-up the PIR sensorTo clean the repeller, use a damp-soft cloth and mild soap with water.Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents that may damage the repeller.When the PIR sensor detects motion, the LED light will flash and the ultrasonic signal will run for 15 seconds. Following this, the repeller will return to stand-by mode.

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