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LED USB Mosquito Dispeller Repeller Mosquito Killer Lamp Bulb Electric Bug Insect Zapper Pest Trap Light For Yard Outdoor Camping

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Color Black, White
Voltage DC5V
Power 5W
Frequency 50HZ
Range of application 60㎡
Size 140 x 140 x 195mm/5.5 x 5.5 x 7.67inch
Weight Approx.600g

Features:1. Exterminating mosquitoes in physical way. Compared with traditional mosquito killing methods, such as electric mosquito swatter, mosquito repellent incense, insecticide, etc.The mosquito killer lamp is Nontoxic and odorless, safer and more convenient.2. The noise is only 20 decibels, very low, does not affect sleep at all, and families with babies are also suitable for use.3. The radiation of 365nm wavelengths is constantly and steadily attracting mosquitoes with remarkable results. Energy saving and no glare.4. Strong motor fan, strong suction, The mosquitoes can’t escape after they get close.5. USB charging, convenient / one key switch, simple operation.Note:1. Close the door, turn off the light to use better.2. Placed at a height of more than 1 meters, the scope of light diffusion is larger and the effect is better.3.After 24-72 hours of continuous use, the mosquitoes in the room can basically be wiped out.4. Please open the mosquito killer lamp at least 2 hours in advance5. The human body is more attractive than the mosquito killer lamp. Therefore, Even if the mosquito killer lamp is placed next to peoplepeople are still bitten by mosquitoes.It’s normal.Package included:1 x Mosquito killer lamp1 x USB charging cable

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