LCD 150mm Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

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Description:Model Number:0-150mm(0-6″) vernier caliperMeasuring range:0-150 mm / 0-6″Resolution:0.01mm/ 0.0005 inchUnits mode:mm and inchDisplay:LCDBody material:stainless steelMax. measuring speed:1.5m/sec100% Brand New 0-6″ (0-150mm) LCD digital vernier caliper.Size:23.4 x 7.6 x 1.3 cmElectronic Digital Vernier Caliper:Made of hardened stainless steelBase measuring function: Inside, outside, depth and step measuringLinear capacitive measuring systemZero setting in any positionWith a small locking thumb screw which locks the jaws in placeBase measuring function: Inside, outside, depth and step measuringAn ideal tool for a broad range of industrial measuring1. Internal measuring jaws2. METRIC/INCH change over3. Locking screw4. LCD display5. External measuring jaws6. Power of button7. Zero setting and power on button8. Battery cover9. Depth measuring blade10. Step-measuring facesSpecifications:Measuring range: 0~150 mm/ 0~6 inch.Resolution: 0.01mm/ 0.0005 in.Repeatability: 0.01mm/ 0.0005 in.Accuracy: + 0.02 mm/ 0.001 in. (100 – 150 mm)Maximum measurement speed: 1m/sPower: 2 x 1.5V SR44 (silver oxide cell) battery (included)Battery life: 1 year for continuous usage / 3 years under normal operationMAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS:1. Clean caliper bar with dry cotton fabrics before using in order to avoid mad display of caliper caused by humidity,2. Keep the caliper clean and dry (Liquid can damage the slider),3. Faces should be cleaned gently with cotton fabrics. Never use petrol, acetone and other organic solutions.4. In order to save power, turn of the unit when caliper is going to stay idle for some time.5. Never apply and electric pressure on any part of the caliper and never use an electric pen for the fear of damaging its chip.6. For other notes please refer to the conventional calipers.7. Accidental wrong display may happen while replacing the battery, just take outthe battery and the put it in again after more than 30 seconds until the display returns to normalPackage Included:1 x Vernier Caliper

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