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L60 60A 12V/24V Auto LCD MPPT Solar Battery Charge Controller High Efficiency Solar Tracking System with USB 5V 1500mA Solar Regulator

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Description:This is a three-time controller into the evening(evening)working time,an interval of rest or pause time,Dawn working time(morning light function),the user can according to their needs,set a different time.
A:time(evening working)B:time(Pause working)C:time(dawn working) 
This is a compatible MPPT charge controller PWM intelligent/efficient/energy saving,he not only has efficient MPPT controller charging function to automatically track the maximum power point,10%-30% higher than the ordinary controller chargingefficiency, also has standby energy saving, more than 30% energy than ordinary controller,the standby power consumption of only 10mA-15mA. 
Note: It is high quality compatible MPPT + PWM Solar Controllers, not 100% Ture MPPT Features: 
1.Product introduction:
“T”series is an intelligent, multi-purpose solar charge controller. 
LCD Screen display Battery reverse discharge protection
Simple(and more time control) operation Battery reverse polarity protection
PWM charing mode+MPPT Battery under voltage protection
Parameter user can reset Overload,short-circuit protection
A key to open and close the load Automatic Temperature compensation function
A key to restore the factory setting USB 5V charge(current 1500mA/1.5A)Optional
2.LCD Operating interface description :3.Parameter table:

Parameters/Model MPPT T10 MPPT T20 MPPT T30 MPPT T40 MPPT T60 MPPT T-0
Maximum Power Current 12A 20A 30A 40A 60A 80A
Installation Lin(mm2) 4mm2 8mm2 10mm2 12mm2 16mm2 20mm2
Installaton Line(AWG) 10#(AWG) 8#(AWG) 7#(AWG) 6#(AWG) 4#(AWG) 2#(AWG)
Weight 280g 300g 475g 500g 800g 900g
Peak power of solar cell panel (Max Wp) 130W 260W 380W 500W 800W 1000W
Battery capacity configuration 100AH 200AH 300AH 400AH 600AH 800AH
Dimensions 143 x 89 x 46(mm) 187 x 97 x 61(mm) 188 x 128 x 61(mm)
Battery float voltage 13.8V(12V system)/27.6V(24V system)
Battery (under voltage) protection 10.6V(12V system)/21.2V(24V system)
Battery(under voltage)recovery voltage 12.6V(12V system)/25.2V(24V system)
System load loss:<=13mA Loop Buck;<=100mV
Operation Temperature :-10°C~60°C Storage Temperature :-30°C~-70°C
Operation Temperature :<=90%,No condensation Temperature compensation :-4mV/Cell/°C
Maximum open circuit voltage of the solar panel 18V~24V(12V system) 36V~48V(24V system)
Solar Panel maximum open circuit voltage <=48V


1.Ready Qi installation tools and materials,and cable. Please matching suitable cable.
2.Ensure that the current desity<4A/mm2 That will help reduce the line pressure drop.check the installation site meets the relevant safety requirements,avoid damp,dusty,flammable,explosive and corrosive gases.
3.Install the controller fixed to the vertical plane,see Section V mounting aperture and hole spacing.In order to ensure a good controller cooling conditions,the controller on the bottom of each reserved 10cm space.
4.As shown on the right wiring sequense:load,battery,solar Battery plate is connected to the controller to be taken to ensure that the load,battery,The polarity of the solar cell panel and controller.
5. Before use:external temperature sensor probe into the left of the controller temperature probe interface probe placed in similar battery temperature.(Line extensive must be build-in devices of the external temperature probe coextensive Otherwise,the controller will control parameters of the temperature compensation of the error.
6.Warning:In order to prevent accidents from occurring,install:non-professionals can not be engaged in loading and unloading operations.
5.Charging Problem Solution:
No proper installation of solar panels cable polarity(“+””-“) Removing the polarity,you  can re-install the correct.
More than the rated power of solar panels to reduce solar panel power does not  exceed the rated power controller discharge Problem Solution.
Removing the load is not properly connected to the load,re-install the correct.
More than the rated load power to reduce load power,the controller does not exceed the rated power.
Instantaneous starting current is too large,the battery capacity is too small,the replacement of high-capacity batteries,button troubleshooting.
Wire Cable polarity loose or too square and increase retightening bold cable.
All keys can troubleshoot faults,press 5 seconds to restore factory settings.

Package included: 
1 x 60A Solar Controller MPPT L60
1 x Temperature Sensor 
1 x English User Manual 
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