ICL8038 Signal Generator Medium/Low Frequency 10Hz-450KHz Triangular/Rectangular/Sine Wave Generator Module 12V To 15V

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Description:The LC ICL8038 module is designed for common frequency ranges. It is adjustable from 5 gears and generates low-distortion triangular waves, square and sine waves from 10Hz to 450KHz. Sine wave can be used for test signals, drive signals, carrier frequency signals, etc; square wave can be used for switching signals, trigger signals, etc; triangular wave is mainly used for scanning signals.Features:Working voltage: 12V ~ 15VOutput: Triangular wave, Square wave and sine wave.Frequency range: 10HZ ~ 450kHzLow distortion sine wave: 1%Duty cycle range: 2% to 98%Low temperature drift: 50ppm / ℃Triangular wave output linearity: 0.1%Working temperature: 0 ~ 70 ℃Board size: 54.5*37.8mmFunctions: VCC,GND: working voltageAC: with DC bias outputG: groundDC: pure signal outputR11: Frequency adjustmentR12: Square wave duty cycle adjustmentR13: Sine wave linear adjustmentR14: Amplitude adjustmentR15: Square wave linear adjustmentJumper P2: select different wave-forms(triangular, square or sine waves)Jumper P3: select different frequency ranges10Hz-450Hz90Hz-1.5KHz940Hz-15KHz6KHz-120KHz20KHz-450KHzPackage included:1 x ICL8038 Low/Medium Frequency Signal Source Waveform Sine Signal Generator Module

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