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Honana 2 GAL/8L Copper Moonshine Ethanol Alcohol Water Distiller Stainless Boiler Kitchen Brewing Wine Making Tools

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Description :Honana 2GAL/8L Copper Moonshine Ethanol Alcohol Water Distiller Stainless Boiler Home Brewing Tool 

This product is fabricated from pure stainless steel. The design incorporates an independent airway to allow the distillate
to rise faster and delivery a higher purity. This is a sophisticated and versatile piece of equipment.
This multifunctional equipment can be used for: distilling fruit wine, distilling water, purifying water, distilling brandy, and
refining plant extracts for medicinal purposes.
The construction is all Stainless steel which has been argon welded thus avoiding any of the health problems associated
with copper and solder constructed stills.Use copper pipe make the cooling coil (worm).

Specification :

Material Stainless Steel
Diameter  27 cm  
Height  20 cm
Weight  3200g
Capacity 8L
Package lncludes :
1 x Stainless steel boiler with thermometer
1 x Copper cooler with stainless steel cup and copper pipe
1 x Water hose with water inlet connect your house tap
1 x Air vent valve use for ferment
1 x Print instructions (it included how to make moonshine and recipes)
1 x Copper column 

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