Hand-cranked Solar Power Light Multi-purpose Emergency LED Lamp Outdoor Camping Lantern

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Material ABS
Battery Ni-MH 3.6V 80MAH
Light Color White
LED Number 6
Size 23x7cm
Weight Approx. 300g
1. Solar Flashlight: no battery, charging in the sun; even without direct sunlight, adequate light in the room, such as windows,balconies, and even fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps can also be charged, rainy days can be hand cranking power generation.
2. Suitable for hiking, camping, hiking, geological exploration, archeology and other outdoor activities.
3. Two Lighting Modes: Click the lighting button, 3 LED light up, and then click, lights off, and then click, 6 LED light up, and then click, lights off.

Package Included:
1 x Camping Light

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