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FM783 Schumann Wave Module Extremely Low Frequency Pulse Generator

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Product technical parameters: Name: Schuhmann wave pole low frequency pulse generatorRated voltage: DC 12VRated current: 1.5AApplicable voltage: 100V-240V global general-purposeProduct accessories: wooden box finished products directly plug in electricity, standard 12V DC power supply.Know Schuhmann wave:In 1952, Schuhmann pointed out that the earth and the ionosphere could form a resonant cavity. There was a special resonant frequency in the cavity, which was determined mainly by the size of the earth and excited by a global lightning discharge. This resonance frequency is called Schuhmann resonance. The spectrum of Schuhmann resonance is in the ELF band, the frequency is about 8Hz (the value is many, 7.83/7.5/7.2, etc.), and the brain waves of the human brain are also near the 7.8Hz, so someone called Schuhmann resonance “the brain wave of the earth”. Schuhmann wave‘s principle: It is a beneficial pulsating rhythmic wave that appears in the ionosphere of atmosphere. The frequency is 7.83 Hz, and the frequency of hippocampus in Yi Hao and mammary animals is the same. This part of the human brain is responsible for the important functions of IE recall and survival. Our nervous system also responds to Schuhmann wave‘s electromagnetic pulse. The above indicates that a person is an electrical or energy system. Therefore, our health and survival depend on the balance of natural energy and our interaction with it. The NASA installed a Schman wave generator in a manned space station to maintain the physical and mental health of astronauts. The significance of human beings: Schuhmann wave is a low-frequency wave that penetrates any substance, including people on the ground. Each of us is equivalent to an electric network road, and if it is often excited by Schuhmann wave, it may produce resonance. As for the intensity of the resonance, it is related to the internal structure of the power network (human body). Some human body power grid structure is better, it can easily receive schuhmann wave; some people can only receive the weak schuhmann wave, the situation is similar to the radio frequency modulation. Because Schuhmann wave is a natural energy source, there is no end to it. Therefore, anyone who easily resonates with Schuhmann wave is often charged, full of energy and health. Product use hints: 1, it is suggested that the product should be placed at a height of 1.5 meters away from the ground, which is more conducive to the covering range of Shu man wave. The single piece product should be less than 18 square meters in area.2, each product of the company is marked with the 1.5m line length of the Motorola high quality DC switching regulator power supply, more suitable for independent use, the effect is better than the multiple generators, to avoid mutual interference. One, HIFI application direction: HIFI application principle: drive clutter + purify listening environment + enhance human perception = system improvement1, HFI sound box system application:When 18 square meters of listening environment, Schuhmann wave is placed in the middle of the two sound box, slightly back, when conditions permit, the proposed placement of a height of 1.2-1.5 meters, anti vibration anti vibration treatment for Shu Manbo can increase the effect.More than 18 square meters of the listening environment, it is recommended to buy two, Shu man wave can be placed on or above the box, the other requirements are the same.2, HIFI application of the system:Because only earphones are used for listening, the principle of “enhancing the perception of human body” is left. Although the effect is decreasing, it still exists. Two, AV shadow painting direction application: The number and placement of the required schuhmann wave are consistent with the HIFI application. For the over 40 square user environment, four schuhmann wave generators are recommended. Three, sleep direction:  the existence of individual differences, part of the first application of the first half of the night sleep quality is not too high, after a few days to adapt, can reach deep sleep, this function is very effective for a long time. Four, creative direction:  often used in calligraphy and painting, designers, can calm mind Ning God; (suggested office often open). Five, other directions: Zen, Wu Xiu, Zhouyi culture research, biology, medicine and other researchers. Use of hints: The Schumann Wave generator is a paving aid, which acts on the human body with a weaker frequency intensity. In the following cases, the Schuhmann wave will fail.The surrounding environment is too noisy, the power disturbance is serious, and all kinds of waves are much larger than the radiation intensity of the Schman wave generator.The human body is in a state of hyperactivity.Package included:1 x FM783 Schumann Wave Module Extremely Low Frequency Pulse Generator

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