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Excellway 900pcs JST-XH 2.54mm Wire Connector Terminal Kit Crimping Tool Crimper Plier Set

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Excellway® 900pcs JST-XH 2.54mm Connectors Assortment Kit Crimping Tool Crimper Plier Set

SN-01BM Non-Insulated Tabs and Receptacles Crimping Plier AWG28-20  0.08-0.5mm ²Ratchet Type Design, Energy saving-Connector Kit

Color: White
Material: Copper, Nylon
Pitch: 2.54mm
XH-2.54mm XHPX-2J 50PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-3J 40PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-4J 30PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-5J 20PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-6J 20PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-7J 15PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-8J 15PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-10J 10PCS
Straight Pin Headers:
XH-2.54mm XHPX-2 50PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-3 40PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-4 30PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-5 20PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-6 20PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-7 15PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-8 15PCS
XH-2.54mm XHPX-10 10PCS
Terminals: XH-Female Bare Terminals:900PCS
Package Include:
1* SN01BM crimping plier
1* 900pcs Connectors Kit 

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