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Dinosaur Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Welder Grinding Mask

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Description :Dinosaur Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Solar Welder Grinding Mask Electrowelding
Features :UV & IR protection.Shade range: din 4 / 9 – 13Automatic, lightning-fast reaction & recovery times.Full range UV/IR protection up to shade DIN 16 all time.Solar powered auto-darkening filter helmet.Use for arc, mag, mig, mma, stick & tig welding, or plasma cutting.Adjustable shade control.Ratchet adjustable head-strap.Tough shell.Solar rechargable.Sensitivity knob for you to control.”Grinding” can be selective by switch.Time delay switch for you to control switching time from darkness to light.Outside darkness shade level knob.
Specification :Auto switching time: light to dark is 1/30,000 SecondsDarkness shade control (DIN) from 9-13, Clear shade 4in full conformity with CE and ANSI Z87 standardsCharges with exposure to welding or sunlightOperation Temperature: -5℃ ~ 55℃Full face coverage.Viewing Area: 92mm x 42mmWeight: Approx. 946g
Package includeds :1 x Welding Helmet1 x Adjustable Headband
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