DC 12-40V 50A 1000W 1KW ZVS Induction Heating Board Module With Tesla Coil And Fan

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Features:Input voltage: DC 12V ~ 40VRecommended Input voltage range: DC 24V ~ 36VMaximum input current: 50A (short)Maximum power: 1000WWhen used in heating, the power must be large enough!36V power supply, the current should be more than 50A24V power supply, the current should be more than 30A12V power supply, the current should be more than 20APCB board size: 165 x 112 x 16mmItem Size: 165 x 112 x 50mm / 6.5 x 4.4 x 1.97in(L x W x H)Main uses: It can be used for DIY players to make heat treatment such as quenching and annealing for small parts. It can also be used to melt gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals with graphite crucible. The matching crucible can hold 50 grams of copper or silver. The circuit can directly heat the iron, carbon steel, graphite, titanium alloy and other materials, copper, aluminum, 304 stainless steel heating very slowly. As the graphite crucible is a consumable, the molten aluminum can be used more than 10 times as the use will be oxidized to carbon dioxide.Please note:1. As far as possible with a protective power supply, small and unprotected switching power supply will not be used. Do not use the battery to power supply!2. The working voltage is guaranteed to be above 11V. Note: it is the voltage at work, that is, the input voltage when the coil is heated or the object is heated, not the voltage when the power is no load.3. If long time work, it must be used with copper pipe and water cooling! The output end of the largest pillar can be installed 10mm diameter copper tube, the copper tube diameter less than 4mm can be fixed on the pillars in brass welding and copper clamping piece, the diameter less than 2mm can be connected to the output terminal4. The heating power is less than 300W, high power less than 200W in general, a large power is easy to damage!Package included:1 x 1KW ZVS induction heating board with tesla coil and fan

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