Creative Soilless Hydroponic Growing & Fish Tank Aquaponic System Kit Water Garden Microfarm Aquarium

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Description:Creative Soilless Hydroponic Growing Fish Tank Aquaponic System Kit, Suitable For Growing Green Plants, Succulents, Vegetables, Raising Little Fishes, Best Hydroponic System Kit, Desktop Water Garden, Microfarm, Aquarium, Aquaponic Ecosystem.Specification:

Name: Fish & Plant Aquaponic SystemMaterial: Plastic Pipe
Dimension (L*W*H): 420mm*230mm*173mm


1. This item is a hydroponic growing & fish tank aquaponic system kit, minifarm ecosystem, best desktop decor and gift.
2. Fish fertilize the plants and plants clean the water for the fish. Only need to feed the fish regularly.
3. Enjoy the fun of planting and raising fishes, suitable for growing a variety of vegetables,greens, succulents and decorative plants all year long.

Natural Plant & Fish Aquaponic System:
The mini ecosystem design is simple, freestanding, and virtually maintenance-free, making indoor gardening and a beautiful aquarium accessible to anyone regardless of experience with fish or plants. 
It eliminates the need for traditional fertilizers using the same principles that recycle wastes in natural ecosystems, making upkeep as simple as feeding your fish.
What Is Aauaponics?
1. Fish produce waste.
2. Bacteria convert the waste into nutrients for the plants.
3. Plants absorb nutrients and clean the water.Note: Fishes need to be fed regularly. It is recommended to change the water once a week. It’s also OK to add some liquid nutrients (Not Included). 

Package Included:

1 x Pipe Planting Kit
1 x 12V Water Pump
2 x Baskets (L)
1 x Basket (S)
1 x PTFE Tape
1 Bag of Black Ceramsite

1 Bag of 8mm Colored Ceramstie

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