CMP03 3A-12V Charge and Discharge Controller Solar Charge Controller Solar Panel

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Model: CMP03
Rated Voltage: DC12V
Max Current: 3A
voltage of solar panels: 36W(3A,12v)
Charge-stop Voltage: 14.4V
Coefficient of Stop Voltage and Temp: -3mV/degree/cell
Supply-stop Voltage: 10.6V
Supply-resume Voltage: 12V
Light Control Mode: Visibility 20M
Working Temp: -10- +40degree;
Weight: 33g
1. Prevent the battery from over charging, over discharging and Reverse discharging to solar panel during nights.
2. Controller will start the lighting system in the evening automatically according to the surrounding luminance.
1.  One charging indicator, light indicates strong charging, flash indicates float charging, not light indicates stop charging.
2.  One Load indicator, light indicates there is power output, the loads could normal working, not light indicates no output, check whether the battery is in low-voltage or the connection is OK .
1.Please check the rated voltage of the solar panel and loads,they must be same with controller,all their rated voltage should be 6V or 12V.
2.The controller can not short circuit.
3.Forbid use other DC power supply instead of solar panels for the battery charging through the controller.
Package included:
1 x 3A 12V Solar Charge Controller

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