Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector Poisoning CO Gas Home Fire Sensor Warning Monitor

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Description :
This product is a smart carbon monoxide detector with voice prompt, microprocessor control, support displaying of the carbon monoxide gas concentration and the time. When trigger the gas detector. This detector adopt catalytic combustion method sensor which is stable and reliable. It keeps the place safe from the threats of carbon monoxide gas. This product can be well used in villas, factories, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings etc. indoor places. 
Features :
Human voice prompt.High reliable electrochemical sensor.Carbon monoxide gas concentration displaying(PPM),clock(24-hour system).Alarm memory function(record at most 7 times’alarm).Auto detect sensor failure,when the detector is in fault,it will displaying “EER”.Easy choose CN/EN/UL three standards.Press the Test/Reset button ,the blue light and red light flash,and the detector also sound continuous alarm.Press the PEAK LEVEL button,the LCD screen shows the peak level of concertration of last alarm,if press the Test/Reset button then,the data will be cleared.Double press the PEAK LEVEL button will go to the mode choose.Press the PEAK LEVEL button to choose alarm standard,minute or hour.Press Test/Reset button to adjust the data,press the EAK LEVEL button to confirm after adjustment.In normal working status,blue LED flashed once in every 30 seconds.Red LED flashes once in every 3 seconds when alarm.When a dangerous level of carbon monoxide is detected ,it will alarm soon and voice prompt “attention please,carbon monoxide gas leaking,please open the window and the door”,and the siren alarm.Then please immediately turn off the valve,open the door and window,call your emergency services.Note: This alarm can not detect natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas contained in the main component. 
Specification :
Color: WhiteSize: Approx. 125mm*72mm*35mmPower Supply:9V batteries (NOT INCLUDED)Sensor type:Electrochemical CO SensorReference Standard: UL (UL 2034)70ppm, alarms within 60~180 minutes150ppm, alarms within 10~50 minutes400ppm, alarms within 4~15minutes700ppm, alarms within 2~ 6minutesReference Standard: EN (UL 50291)50ppm, alarms within 60~90 minutes100ppm, alarms within 10~40 minutes300ppm, alarms within 3minutes400ppm, alarms immediatelyReference Standard: CNCO concentration more than 150PPM, within 5 secondsDetecting level range: 000~999PPMSensitive level: 5PPMNormal working status: 000PPMAlarm concentration: 030~999PPMBattery status: Low battery warningTemperature: 0~50°CRelative Humidity:10%~95% 
Package includeds :
1 x Carbon Monoxide Alarm1 x English User Manual2 x Screw 
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