Auto Multifunctions OBD A202 Water Temperature Gauge Digital Voltage Meter Tachometer Speed Meter

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Description:Suitable for models: standard OBD-II protocol compliant petrol and diesel vehicles, especially for vehicles without atemperature gauge, tachometer and fuel consumption meter.Function: Speed, water temperature, instantaneous fuel consumption, hour fuel consumption, brake performance testing,vehicle acceleration test, data flow function display, display color configuration, fault code scanning, fault code clearanceand other functions.Early warning function:Water temperature warning, over speed warning, shift warning.Function:1. Shift reminder function2. You can choose petrol and diesel vehicles3. The average fuel consumption and hourly fuel consumption function4. fault code scanning, clearance 5. The blue OLED display, high brightness6 . Set engine displacement, fuel consumption more accurate7. The brake performance test function8. OBD Plug-and-Play, easy to install

1. A202 OBD mini car trip computer is a small car instrument with powerful functions, which is especially suitable for vehicleswithout a tachometer, an engine temperature gauge and fuel consumption display functions.2. A202 can also display and monitor vehicle battery voltage, generator charging voltage, offering vehicle over speed alarm,high engine temperature alarm and monitoring and other functions. It even can read vehicle data streams, scan engine faultcodes and offer fault code clearing functions.Specification:Display: 1.6 inchResolution: 220*180Operating voltage: 10-18V DCOperating current: <80mASleep current: <15mAOperating temperature: -20~8 CProduct volume: 57mm*67mm*46mmFeatures of product hardware:32-bit ARM CORTEX-M3 CPU, with 72MHz maximum operating frequency, in support of multiple high speed automotivecommunication protocolsA202 host instruction:1. Ambient light detector2. OBD data plug3. Function keythe function key has three directionsPull leftwards or rightwards to choose the menu,press it in the middle to confirm,long press it in the middle toexit the current menu or to return.A202 Installation and Usage:Insert the product into the check port on the vehicle OBD computer; insert the other end of the product into the data interfaceof the host.After the product is inserted into the host and the car is started, wait for the communication linkage between A202 and the car.After the linkage is successfully established, the host will send a “drop” sound, at the same the display screen displays vehicleprotocols and then indicates that it is the first time the product is used to set up parameters. International universal OBD plugprotocol definitions stipulated by SAE.

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