ARILUX AL-LC13 bluetooth Mesh Networking Smart APP Controller For RGBW LED Strip Light DC12-24V

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Specification:Brand: ARILUXModel No: AL-LC13Working Voltage: DC12-24VOutput Channel:Can be used 4 channelOutput Current:RGBW,4A*4Max. Power:4AX4X12V=192WSupport: Android 4.0 or IOS 9.0 or higherAPP name: HaodengConnect method:Common anodeWorking temperature: -20℃-55℃Waterproof: IP20Dimension: about L53*W24*H11mmDistance: 30m(visible)Work for: LED Strip or other constant voltage lightsWarranty: 1 year Product function:Support 16 million color control and brightness adjustmentSupport for customized colors and preservationGroup featureLight timerLight and music rhythm synchronization function Instructions:a) Open the “Hao Deng” APP after it has been connected to the power supply and open the bluetooth function on smart phone.1. 1.Click “Create New Place” and find the devices.2. 2.Click the device name or All Devices can control them individually or together.3. 3.Long press the device name can modify them individually. FAQ:1) Why the controller didn’t appear in the bluetooth list of phone setting?In order to ensure that the controller cannot be connected by others, bluetooth controller won’t appear in the setting list. Just open the APP with bluetooth enabled and the controller will show up.2) Why the controllers didn’t appear in the app after I opened the phone bluetooth? In order to ensure the privacy of the controller, the controller needs to be successfully connected with the phone within one minute after powering on. If more than one minute, please restart your controller.3) How to reset your device?If you experience any issues with your smart device, try following the steps below to reset your devices and then add them back into your app.Power the device off (8 seconds)Power the device on (1 second)Power the device off (8 seconds)Power the device on (1 second)Power the device off (8 seconds)Power the device on (1 second)Power the device off (8 seconds)Power the device on (8?12 second)Power the device off (8 seconds)Power the device on (8?12 second)Power the device off (8 seconds)Power the device on. If the light flashes 3 times and then change to ‘bright up and fade gradually’ mode, it has been successfully reset.Note:Once you reset your devices, they will no longer appear in your app and will need to be added again.Make sure to perform the factory reset by switching on the power supply of the device instead of the APP.4) Can multiple users control the same set of smart devices?Yes. You and other people you share control with can log into the app on multiple devices and control the same set of smart devices.5) Can I log into the app on multiple devices?Yes, you can install the app and log in using the same account on multiple devices.6) I’m having trouble adding smart devices to the app. What can I do?Try the following:Make sure you’re within range of the smart device (about 50 feet).Make sure to turn on the bluetooth on your smart phone device.Make sure the device is power on.Ensure the device is in ‘bright up and fade gradually’ mode. If not, please do a factory reset.Try to restart the smart device.Try to restart your phone.Perform factory reset of the device.7) What is the range for controlling the smart devices?About 50ft from one of the smart devices. Performance will vary based on home construction and smart device placement. The smart devices can “mesh” together, effectively extending the control range. So if you are within range of one smart device, you can control other smart devices that are further away as long as the smart devices are with range of each other, a bit like a daisy chain.8) Why does my smart device show offline?Try the following:Make sure the device power on.Make sure the device has not been reset factory defaults.Make sure your device is in controllable distance, which is within 15 meters between smart devices.If failed to solve the problems after the above suggestions, please try to restore the factory settings and re-add the device in App.9) Can I share the app with other people?Yes. Before you share with them, the person who you are sharing with will need to download the app and create an account. From the app’s home screen, tap the action menu in the upper right corner, and choose Share Control from the menu. Enter the email address of the person you1 d like to share with.10) What is the maximum number of smart devices can control with the app?Up to 64 devices in each control place. Individual performance will vary based on home construction and smart device placement.If you want to control more than 64 devices, please create several place to achieve it.  It is facile to switch the different place in our app. Because there are up to 64 devices in each control place, you can control lots of devices in your smart phone.11) What is the difference between “Place” and “Group”?1 Place can support maximum 64 smart devices, 1 smart device can be added to 1 Place only, Can’t add 1 smart device to multi Places. 1 Place can support multi Groups, 1 smart device can be added to maximum 8 different Groups.12) Is the device able to connect internet, and control by Alexa or Google Home through voice?It is not available so far. But, we are developing a repeater, through which you can remote control devices, including Voice Control via Alexa and Google Home. No modification on your existing devices, just add the repeater and all these functions can be implemented.Package included:

1 * LED Mini WiFi Controller

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