9-12V DC Simple Transistor Tester Frequency Meter 160×128 LCD PWM Square Wave Generator LCR Table NPN PNP FET Diode Measurement

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Product Introduction:
Product Model LTDZ_M328_7735
Size 69mm*69mm*33mm
Display use 160*128 full-color screen
Tester Working Voltage 9-12V DC DC power supply (9V battery)
Current 30mA
After shutdown current 20mA
Display 160×128 pixel
Color depth 16 bits
Frequency  1Hz to 4MHz
Functional Characteristics: 
1. The graphic display element symbol, rotary coding switch control, one key measurement and automatic shutdown.2. It can automatically detect NPN and PNP triode, field effect tube, diode, double diode, thyristor, thyristor and automatically discriminate the aforementioned transistor pin distribution.
3. Test NPN and PNP triode common emitter current amplification factor, base-emitter threshold voltage, collector-emitter leakage current through the triode base-emitter threshold voltage and high current amplification factor. Identify Darlington Transistor detection power. Triode and FET built-in protection diode test FET gate-source conduction threshold voltage, drain-source on-resistance, gate-source capacitance.4. Up to 2 resistors can be measured at a time, so the adjustable resistors of the three feet can also be measured. If the adjustable resistor is adjusted to the end point, only one resistor value can be measured to measure the highest resolution of 0.01Ω. Capable of measuring up to 50MΩ capacitors from 25pF to 100mF with a resolution of 1pF. For capacitors larger than 90nF, the equivalent series resistance (ESR) is measured simultaneously, and the resolution of the equivalent series resistance is up to 0.01Ω. For capacitors larger than 5000pF, the voltage drop rate after charging is also displayed. This value can reflect the quality factor of the capacitor.5. Measure up to two diodes at a time, showing the positive and negative poles, the on-voltage, and the LEDs are also shown as the graphical symbols of the diodes. The turn-on voltage is much higher than the Zener diode with the reverse breakdown voltage of the common diode below 4.5V. It can also be detected and displayed as a double diode symbol. The positive and negative poles have a diode symbol with a turn-on voltage of about 700 mV, and the turn-on voltage corresponding to the other diode symbol is a regulated value. Therefore, do not test a single diode with a common diode and a Zener diode at the same time, and test the reverse junction capacitance of the PN junction at the same time. The PN junction capacitance of the triode can also be tested. At this time, only the triode can be placed at the same time. Capacitors with a base and emitter, or a base and collector pair below 25pF can also be tested. This test requires a 30pF capacitor, first test the 30pF capacitor, and then connect the capacitor to be tested in parallel and measure again. The obtained result is subtracted from the measured value of the 30pF capacitor. The resistance is measured simultaneously for the resistor below 2100Ω. The measurement range is from 0.01mH to 20H, and the test process takes about 2 seconds. The large capacitor and the inductor take longer.6. Additional functions include frequency measurement, square wave generator, PWM generator, color selection, debugging calibration, continuous testing and capacitance test.7. Frequency measurement ranges from 1Hz to 4MHz. When the measured frequency is lower than 25KHz, it can display cycle and resolution can reach 0.001mHz.
8. Multiple frequency can be selected. The highest output frequency is 2MHz.
9. It can output a fixed frequency, duty cycle adjustable pulse signal, duty cycle adjustment from 1%-99%.
10. Thyristors and thyristors can only recognize their pinouts, and also require the thyristor or thyristor to have a lower trigger current than the tester can provide. The tester can only provide up to 6mA of trigger current.

Discharging the capacitor first before test the capacitor. Otherwise, it may damage the singlechip of the tester.
Package Included:
1 x Transistor Tester

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