5W 6V Solar Panel Powered 6 Inch Mini Fan Ventilator for Home Outdoor Air Cooling

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1. Voltage: 6V
2. Power: 5W
3. Color: Black
4. Size:
Fan Diameter: 190mm
Solar Panel: 165mm*135mm
7. Weight: 505g
1. Ultra- quiet design.
2. Pitch angle can be adjusted upwards or downwards.
3. Key switch.
4. The use of USB plug can be shared PC power.
5. It can be connect to different power sources by USB.
6. It can also be powered by solar panel.
7. Air volume comfort, close to use. All seasons.
1. Please put in the place where children can not touch
2. Use of the goods, if sparks occur, the case of smoke and odor, turn off power switch and pull away from the plug to connect the computer equipment.
3. Do not open the fan on its own network or decomposition of the first modification of this commodity.
4. Do not touch when the machine with wet hands.
5. Do not get water or cleaning water.
6. Do not be liquid, metal and other unusual items, or inserted into the internal fan.
7. Do not put this product in moisture occasions to direct contact sunlight, hot smoke, the car, heating rooms, such as high-temperature place.
8. Do not place heavy objects on the product.
9. Do not place this product on unstable sites.
10. Do not use the products containing petrol, thinners and other volatile organic solvents in place.
11. Long-term if the goods do not use, please pull the plug from the USB socket.
Package included:
1x USB mini fan
1x Solar panel

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