5V 1.5m USB Warmer Gloves Removable Heated Half Finger Gloves

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1, security. The use of carbon fiber heating material, long life, not easy to break, the use of 5V low voltage (computer USB interface for the 5V),the equivalent of 4 5 small battery, safe and reliable.
2, energy saving and environmental protection. An average of 25 days 1 kWh;
3, high thermal efficiency. For example, the indoor environment temperature is 0 ℃ – 10 ℃, this series of products in a very short period of time,the temperature can reach the human body is very comfortable and warm about 40 ℃; electric conversion efficiency, save energy – electric conversionrate than wire Heating body is more than 30% high, thermal efficiency as high as 99.9%
4, the unit time temperature rise quickly. A few seconds to rise to the predetermined temperature;
5, comfortable and convenient. Ergonomic design, the product is soft and close, free activities, go out when the fever can be removed, that is, the embodiment of lightweight fashion gloves (very easy to clean)
6, the flexibility to choose a variety of power supply (computer USB interface power supply, usb charger power supply) to meet the needs of usersin a variety of occasions;
7, the fabric feel soft and comfortable, line length 1.5m, plug and play, activities freely.


Voltage: 5V (safe range)Size: USB cable: 1.5M long
Temperature: Constant temperature
Heating materials: Nano-carbon fiber heating chip

Package Included:1 X Heated Half Finger Gloves 

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