5pcs DC 3-6V 800KV High Voltage Pulse Pack Inverter Transformer Arc Generator Module

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Description:This module is a high-voltage inverter for small scientific productions. Transformer / booster in the finished module input DC 3.7-7.4V voltage can be obtained after tens of thousands of volts DC voltage at the output, it can be used as a high school science experiment, electronic instrument, negative ion generator, scientific small production at a high voltage source.The module is made of Tesla coil principle, and output high voltage pulse current, small volume and high efficiency. The peripheral circuit is simple.Specification:Working voltage: 3-6VWorking current: 1.5-3AOutput current: 0.005AInput cable length: 10cmOutput cable length: 12cmContinuous working time: less than 6sStructure: an integral shellHigh voltage two pole discharge distance: 1-2 cmSize: 28 x 68 mmUsage method:The module is divided into input port and output port, the red and green wire is input port, red + green -. The output end is two high voltage wires with the same color, and the battery can produce high voltage arc at the input end.Please operate the module strictly according to the use method and notice, otherwise it is easy to damage the module!About input power: you can use single 3.7V lithium batteries or two parallel, such as 18650 battery, mobile phone battery idle (to remove the protection plate, the proposed capacity is more than 2000mAh) or NiCd / NiMH batteries, lead-acid batteries and other 4V or 6V (6V battery can achieve the best effect)Matters needing attention:1. The high voltage module should avoid the use of electricity when no load is high. Before switching on, the proper distance of the high voltage wire must be adjusted. The distance between the high voltage wire and the battery is directly proportional to the battery voltage and capacity.2. The test of the distance of the arc is from the short to the long experiment, and the longest distance of the arc is forbidden. Because the high pressure energy can not be released, it is very easy to damage the module.3. The power of the module is large, it is not suitable for heat dissipation, so it can not work for a long time.4. The method of judging whether the capacity of the battery can drive the maximum output power is to measure the voltage of the battery when the arc is drawn. If it is around 3.7V, the maximum power can be output.5. The small capacity of the two series lithium 7.2V, arc voltage measurement in the state has fallen to about 4V, the smaller the voltage of the capacity is low. It is recommended to use more than 2000MA of lithium, the best conditions with more than 4000MA battery. The red and green line is connected to the power supply side of red green anode cathode6. One side of the two red wires is a spark that can not work continuously.7. Note that this is not a high temperature arc, can not point paper spot smoke!8. Electric discharge time: 6 seconds. The input voltage will affect the output high voltage and the distance of the arc.9.The output is high voltage. Please pay attention to safety when using.Package included:5 x High voltage pulse generator

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