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53 Quarts Compressor Camping Portable Electric Car Cooler

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This is the portable car refrigerator with high quality which can meet your freezing/refrigeration needs.


It is ideal for homes cars yachts and outdoor use. This refrigerator is designed in two areas with a capacity of 53 quart. This design can keep your food fresh and the drink cool at the same time. It has a fast cooling mode and a energy saving mode for you to select. The easy-to-operate control panel allows you to choose the right temperature. The standard household outlet and 12/24v car charger are equipped to increase the utilization of the compressed refrigerator.


This is the portable fridge you are looking for! Don’t hesitate to buy it!


  • With a large capacity of 53 quarts for storing 90 bottles of 330ml beverage or 23 bottles of 750 ml red wine
  • Perfect for your RV travelling camping or your home office and more
  • 2 separate areas one area is used for refrigeration and one area is used for freezing
  • It has hh (fast cooling) mode and eco (energy saving) mode
  • It has easy-to-operate display panel and the controllable temperature range is -13°f to 50°f 
  • You can freely switch between fahrenheit and celsius on the display panel
  • High-configuration compressor for faster cooling
  • 3-level battery protection to protect your vehicle battery
  • It has low noise and low energy consumption
  • Includes 2 power cords for 12/24v DC and 100v to 240v AC input
  • Handles on both side for convenient transportation
  • Adapters plugs and wires are UL certified

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