500W 24V 50M 3m3/H DC Brushless Solar Powered Water Pump Submersible Deep Well

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Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Power: 500W
Voltage: 24V
MPPT Voltage: 18V – 45V
Open Circuit Voltage: 44V
Working Voltage: 35V
Max Flow Rate: 3m³/H
Rated Flow Rate: 2m³/H
H-Max: 50m
Rated Lift: 35m
Suitable Work Lift: 0-35m
Protection Level: IP68
Working Principle: Screw Pump
Electric Motor: Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor
Water Inlet: 89mm / 3.50”(appr.)
Water Outlet: 32mm / 1.26”(appr.)
Pump Diameter: 89mm / 3.50”(appr.)
Pump Length: 54cm / 21.26”(appr.)
Wiring Length: 1m / 39.37”(appr.)
* High precision, corrosion resistance, long service life.
* Built-in MPPT controller to make full use of solar energy.
* Wide working voltage: 18v-45v, the best working voltage is about 36v.
* The water pump can connect directly to the solar panel in the sunlight without connecting the battery.
* Suitable for hand mining, agriculture, construction, aquaculture and high-rise water supply and more.
Overvoltage Protection / Undervoltage Protection:
The pump automatically stops working when the voltage is too high or too low; Then every 10 minutes, when the voltage is restored to 18v-45v, the pump starts automatically and starts again.
* Do not use the pump over max lift.
* Pumps must be submerged in water.
* The water pump cannot work long without water.
* The positive and negative lead of the water pump should be connected correctly.
* Cable requirements: when the length of cable is greater than 30 meters, it is recommended to use 6 square or 10 square pure copper cables.
* Water requirement: please do not select diameter of less than 25 mm pipe connecting pumps, pipe blockage is forbidden, bending, such as forced reduce pipe outlet diameter, otherwise it will cause the pump working current too high, motor damage.
Package Includes:
1x Solar Water Pump (solar panel not included)
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