5 Sets 12 Kinds Motor Gear Pack DIY Model Parts Micro DC Motor

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Features:There one set in the package as following, there are 12 kinds in one set:

Motor type Size Voltage No load current 3V Speed Supporting gear
5*7 motor  19*7*5mm 3V 30ma 19000rpm/min 1008kxb
K10 motor 10*8*7mm 3V 30ma 15500rpm/min 1008x
11mm long axis N20 15.5*12*10mm  3V 300ma 31000rpm/min 1008x
N30 Model aircraft motor 26*12*10mm 3.7V 220ma 20900rpm/min 1008x
RF-130CH 22.8*17.1mm 6V 300ma 30000rpm/min 1008h
020 motor 19*18*9.5mm 3V 70ma 11800rpm/min 1008h
130motor  25*20*15mm  3V 350ma 16500rpm/min 1012a
long axis 140 motor 25*21mm 3V 230ma 16500rpm/min  1012a
SRF300 motor 24.5*13mm 3V 20ma 4000rpm/min 1012a
310 motor  18*24mm 3V 20ma 4000rpm/min 1012a
Square hole 180 motor 34*20*15mm  6V 450ma 18000rpm/min 1012a
M20 (green bottom cover)  10*8*15mm 3.7V  120ma 22000rpm/min 1008x

Package included:5sets x 12pcs motor

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