4WD bluetooth Control Smart Robot Car Kit with Motherboard & N20 Gear Motor for Arduino UNO R3 Nano

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Descriptions:The kit is based on the OPEN-SMART UNO R3 developed smart car kit.It includes a UNO R3-compatible PCB chassis, motor drive circuit, bluetooth transceiver module, ultrasonic ranging module, which makes it easy to install UNO R3 or other compatible motherboards.This kit helps you learn UNO R3 programming and learning to create interesting projects such as ultrasonic ranging and display, bluetooth remote control smart car.The Product will be shipped in bulk. It needs you to DIY by yourself.

– Rubber tires, beautiful and wearable
– Use N20 gear motor, small size, large torque, long life
– N20 motor has soldered leads for easy use
– Car chassis has been welded voltage regulator circuit and motor drive module, can be directly connected to the motor
– Car chassis can be fitted with UNO R3 and its compatible motherboard, Digispark motherboard
– Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 can be installed
– You can use the bluetooth wireless transceiver module directly for control, or you can use other wireless modules such as infrared, NRF24L01 transceiver module, 433M remote control kit.
– Ideal for DIY Smart Robot ProjectsSpecifications:– Battery: Two 14500 3.7V lithium batteries- Rubber wheel: 47X12mm inner diameter 3mm for N20 gear motor

– N20 DC geared motor with wire:
  -150RPM  – Operating voltage: 3V-9VDC  – No-load speed: 75 rpm @ 3V, 150 rpm @ 6V
  – No-load current: [email protected], [email protected]
  – Reduction ratio: 1:100
  – Shaft diameter: D type 3mm
  – Shaft length: 10mm
  – Rated torque: 0.35kg.cm
  – Locked torque: 2.4kg.cm
  – Length: 15cmPackage Included:1 x UNO R3 4 Wheel Drive Smart Robot Car Kit Detailed list of package:(1 x car chassis, 4 x N20 motor with connection (line length 15cm) ,4 x Blue Short N20 Motor Mount
4 x tire 47X12XD3,1 x UNO R3 Improvement Board,1 x USB cable (50cm)
1 x IO expansion board,1 x Serial bluetooth module,1 x 4 bit digital tube module
1 x ultrasonic sensor,1 x ultrasonic sensor bracket,1 x 14500 battery compartment
1 x 14500 Battery Charger,1 x 1X40P female to female busbars (20cm long),1 x 2P XH2.54 terminal wire (line length 12cm)
1 x Phillips screwdriver 3x75mm,8 x Motor Mounting Components M4 Nuts,8 x Motor Mounting M4*12 Screws
1 x White Nylon Rivets (R2672),12 x Black Nylon Rivets (R2064),3 x Copper Post (M3x6+6mm)
3 x steel hex nuts (M3 x 2.5),3 x steel screws (M3x5) )

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