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48V 1500W Submersible Immersion Water Heater 1”NPT Flange Solar Energy Heating Element

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48V 1500W Submersible Immersion Water Heater 1”NPT Flange Solar Energy Heating Element
Item Specifics:
Material:  SUS304
Length: 215mm
Watt: 1500W
Volt: 48V
Thread: 1″ NPT
Silicone rubber waterproof ring
— Versatile usage in heating up water, such as RV’s, boating, surfing, camping and even emergency Hypothermia treatment. 
— Take a hot shower while tent camping or after surfing or scuba diving. 
— Make emergency hot water for hypothermia or frost bite victims in the field.
1. Built to last a lifetime by using latest technology and highest quality material, these elements are made from stainless steel to prevent any corrosion so are suitable for use in virtually all types of water tank.
2. Low Voltage 12, 24, 36 and 48 Volt heaters makes accidental electrocution impossible! Heat your water safely!
3. Available NPT and BSP flange to be chosen, these can satisfy customer’s needs who are from different countries.
4. These can be directly powered by solar panels that are very similar in power output as the element or by a 48v battery, or battery bank that is charged by solar panels or wind turbine.
5. The power used can be stored in a battery bank or connected to the main supply using a suitable grid tie inverter. In very strong winds, and/or when the batteries are fully charged a wind turbine may generate more current than the batteries can handle. Therefore a dump load is often used to divert the extra energy to heat water so it is not wasted and so that the wind turbine does not spin so quickly that it is damaged.
Package Included:
1 x Solar Energy Heating Element
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