3Pcs/Pack Breadboard Power Supply Board Module with MicroUSB Support 3.3V/5V Dual Voltage for Micro:bit

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Since the micro-bit development board does not have a 5V power output pin, the USB-connected 5v voltage will automatically step down to 3.3v.
When the micro-bit needs to use a 5V power supply sensor module (such as ultrasonic, servo), it needs to use a micro-bit external power module to provide 5V power output.Features:
1. power supply module for MB102 Breadboard, MIcro: bit, Arduino, Raspberry PI.
2. With DC-005(2.1mm x 5.5mm) socket, 6.5v to 12v DC input, compatible with most power adapter.
3. With USB input, an input from the computer or 5v power supply.
4. With Micro USB input, can connect to the most mobile phone charger.
5. Output voltages of 3.3V and 5.0V can be selected by jumper cap. Two-way power supply independent output.
6. Weight: about 11.2g(0.025lb), Size: about 5.2x3cm(2.05×1.18in)
Package Included:3 x Power Supply Board Module 

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