3pcs DC 3.3-5V 0.1mA UV Test Sensor Module Ultraviolet Ray Sensor Module For Arduino Test UV Wavelength 200-370nm

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1. Operating voltage: DC 3.3-5V 
2. Output voltage: DC 0-1V 
3. Test accuracy: ±1UV INDEX 
4. Current: 0.06mA (typ), 0.1mA (max)
5. Response wavelength: 200nm-370nm 6. Response time: less than 0.5 seconds7. Work temperature: -20℃ ~85℃
8. Test UV wavelength: 200-370nm 
9. Size: 19.80 x 15mmConnection mode:VCC- is the positive input port of power supply, access 3.3V-5V voltageGND-GND is the negative input port of power supplyOUT-OUT is the output port of analog signal, connected to I / O port of MCUNote: The player should set the I/O port of MCU as input mode / receive mode, otherwise it can not be used. Other MCU, or more advanced control panel such as Arm, which need to set the I/O port as the input and output mode, must be set to input mode / receive mode, otherwise it can not be used. 51 series SCM can be used directly, no need to set the input and output mode.Overview:Designed for applications where high reliability and accuracy of the UV index (UVI) are required;Suitable for measuring the total amount of solar ultraviolet light intensity;Contrast the World Health Organization UV Index grading standardsThe test wavelength of UV was 200-370nm;Fast response, full interchangeability;UV index chart:Package included:3 x UV test sensor module

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