3pcs 5.5V 4F H Style Horizontal Super Capacitor Farah Capacitor Double Layer Capacitor Low ESR Fast Charge Long Life Cycle Strong Discharge Ability 24.6 x 6mm

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Description:Type: 5.5V 4.0F super capacitor H StyleWithstand voltage: 5.5VCapacitance: 4FTemperature range: -40 ℃ ~ +70 ℃Long life cycles: 1200000 times charge and dischargeLow ESR fast charge only few secondsLarge current dischargeGreen pollution-freeWider practicability for car starting, solar wind and other ect.Safe and easy to useDon’t need to maintain within 1200000 cycles.Size: 24.6 x 6mmPackage included:3 x 5.5V 4F Farah capacitor

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