3A 6V 12V PWM Solar Panel Light Controller Battery Charge Regulator Intelligent

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3A 6V 12V PWM Solar Panel Light Controller Battery Charge Regulator IntelligentIntroduce:SX 01 multifuction for intelligent control is realized by using microprocessor and dedicated control calculation.Through the computer chips, the controllers take samples from the parameters of storage battery voltage, solar battery, discharge current and environment temperature, and then use the dedicated control mode calculation to control the discharge rate and make it matched with the characters of storage battery, realize the high accurate temperature compensation.PWM charge mode and high efficiency control are available for the storage battery. So that storage battery is always in the perfect working state, help prolong the service life.The controller has various has various working modes and built dozens lighting effects which can meet customers’ different requirements.Application fields:THe controller used in maximum solar panel Spec 18V/40W(Maximum open circuit voltage 23V), the maximum load Spec 12V/36W solar LED lights and other types of application systems.Functional Characteristics:1. More compatibility with a variety of storage batteries such as VRLA battery, gelled electrolyte (GEL) Battery, 3.2V x 2 iron-phosphate-based lithium batteries 3.2V x 4 iron-phosphate-based lithium batteries, 3.7V x 1 iron-phosphate-based lithium battery.2. Prevent storage battery being overcharged, over discharged and back discharged at night and it also has PWM flating- charged protection.3. Automatically turn on floodlight according to the lightness at sunset. Regularly turn off floodlight according to the set value or automatically turn off according to the lightness at sunrise. 9 grades can be adjusting for the controlling light sensitivity, by using the parameters, users can control the time of lighting on in the evening or lighting off at dawn, Besides, it has the half-power adjustable acharacteristics (9 grades with different power or brightness can be set to save electricaity).4. The tandem type PWM charge control is used, which makes the charging circuit of the voltage loss is only 1/5 of the diode’s, the charging efficiency is 3% to 16% higher than non-PWM and the power utilization time is longer. Power MOSFET is also used for preventing the battery discharge reversely through the battery plate, which reduces the charge loss.5. Open circuit is used for anti-overcharge protection, which effectively protects solar panel.6. Automatically memorize various parameters set by the users, and the data will not lose in the situation of unexpected power failure or the battery power is used up.Package included:1 x 6V-12V PWM sloar panel light controller1 x User’s manual

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