355MM LED Dimmable Backlight Rigid Strip Kit Light Update CCFL LCD Screen For LED Monitor

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Specification:Driver board size:7x2cmInput:DC 12-30VLED strip size:355x4mmFeatures:* With a new imported lamp beads, better brightness, color temperature correction.* The new program LED constant current step-up board, supports 12-30V wide voltage input.* 3 1 groups are free to crop! 15-24 inch universal versatile.* Adjustable brightness.Installation:If your monitor is using a inverter, then this kit replace the inveter to plug into the driver board ;If your monitor is a high-voltage integrated power supply board, then: the board energized, find 12V (capacitance),and then unplug the power supply,use a multimeter to find and 12V (capacitance) Disconnect original connectingthe negative terminal, the board received three line: 12V, ON, GND, the 12v of the inverter connect with 12v positiveelectrode of hign-voltage intergrated power supply board,GND is connected with the negative electrode, ON connectwith the ON / OFF. In simple terms, tThe original high voltage power supply is disconnected,instead of the inverter,In the original high-pressure front to take power.Package Included:2 x LED strip1 x Driver board1 x cable

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