30A 12V USB PWM PV Solar Charge Controller Solar Panel Battery RV Boat Regulator

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Name: Solar Charge controller
Model: 30 AMP 12V Solar Charge controller
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Voltage: 12V
Size: 133 x 69 x 48mm
A charge controller, charge regulator or battery regulator limits the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from batteries. It prevents overcharging and may prevent against over-voltage, which can reduce battery performance or lifespan, and may pose a safety risk. It may also prevent completely draining (“deep discharging”) a battery, or perform controlled discharges, depending on the battery technology, to protect battery life.The terms “charge controller” or “charge regulator” may refer to either a stand-alone device, or to control circuitry integrated within a battery pack, battery-powered device, or battery re-charger.
According to the voltage of battery, controller will adjust the charging current and decide if to supply power to the loads.
1. Generally keep the battery on full voltage condition.
2. Prevent the battery from over-charging.
3. Prevent the battery from over-discharging.
4. Prevent the battery from supplying power to solar panels during nights.
As indicated in diagram:
1. Connect “+” and “-” poles of solar panels with the correct ports on the controller
(the first and second from the left).
2. Connect”+” and “-” poles of battery with the correct ports on the controller
(the third and fourth from the left).
3. Connect “+” and “-” poles of load with the correct ports on the controller
(the fifth and sixth from the left).
Status Indication:
Green LED Charging
1. Constantly on: Charging is in constant-voltage charging stage
2. Quick Blinking : Charging is in direct-charging stage
3. Slow Blinking: Charge is in floating stage
4. Constantly off: Insufficient voltage of solar panel
RGB (red, green and blue) Indicator light of storage battery
1. Green constantly on: High battery
2. Yellow constantly on: Medium battery
3. Red constantly on: Low battery
4. Green blinks quickly: Over-voltage
5. Slow blinking: Low voltage
6. Constantly off: Unable to work due to excessively low battery
Red LED Indication of loads
1. Constantly on: Loads enabled
2. Quick blinking: Loads are short-circuited
3. Slow blinking: Loads are overcurrent
4. Constantly off: Loads disabled
1. Please check the rated voltage of solar panels, battery, and load before connecting.Their rated voltage should be same (12v).
2. Pay more attention to “+” and “-” poles of solar panels, battery, controller and loads during the process
of connection.
3. The rated current of solar panels and loads must be less than the one of controller.
Package included: 
1 x Solar Charge controller
1 x User ManualDetail Pictures:

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